Graduate Students

Benni was born and raised in Munich, Germany, where he studied chemistry at the Ludwigs-Maximilians University. He worked towards his Bachelor’s thesis on the synthesis of dendrobium alkaloids in the group of Prof. Dirk Trauner. After research internships in the groups of Prof. Thomas Klapötke and Prof. Paul Knochel, he conducted an internship at Wacker, before joining the group of Dr. David Konrad for his Master’s thesis. There, his research was aimed at the preparation of chemical proteomics tools. After receiving his degree, he worked with Prof. Paul Knochel on electrophilic amination reactions and the chemistry of stereodefined organilithium compounds. He joined the Wiesenfeldt lab in Summer 2022 for his PhD at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and is also a member of the RESOLV integrated graduate school solvation science. Outside the lab, Benni enjoys playing tennis, going out with friends, and cooking.

Email: Benjamin.Bissinger[at]

Pia was born and raised in the Ruhr Area after spending two years in Canada with her family. She studied chemical biology at the TU Dortmund and wrote her Bachelor’s as well as her Master’s thesis at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology in the group of Prof. Herbert Waldmann. There, she synthesized compound libraries of pseudo-natural products. After her studies, Pia pursued a 6-month-long RiCH internship at Roche in Basel (Switzerland) working in Medicinal Chemistry. She then joined the Wiesenfeldt lab for her PhD in May 2022 as part of the RESOLV graduate school solvation science. In her free time, Pia is coaching a wheel gymnastics team. She also loves bouldering, stand-up paddling, and mountain biking.

Email: Pia.Bodenbinder[at]

Kirti was born and raised in the city of Hisar in northwestern India. She attended the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali (2016–2021) for her combined B.Sc.-M.Sc. degree with a major in Chemistry. Kirti conducted a summer internship under the supervision of Prof. Alakesh Bisai (IISER Bhopal) on the topic of Total synthesis of natural products and two internships in the group of Prof. Debabrata Maiti (IIT Bombay) (2019) researching rhodium-catalyzed C–H bond functionalization. Back at IISER Mohali, Kirti performed her master's thesis under the supervision of Dr. Sanchita Sengupta, synthesizing Chromophore-catalyst assemblies for artificial photosynthetic devices. In February 2022, Kirti joined Mario Wiesenfeldt's lab for her PhD at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. She is also a part of the RESOLV integrated graduate school solvation science. In her free time, Kirti enjoys clicking pictures of nature, listening to music, watching the sunset, cooking, and exploring new cities.

Email: Kirti.Devi[at]


Phil was born in Bottrop in Germany. He started his chemistry studies at the Ruhr-University-Bochum in 2019 right after graduating from high school. During his practical courses at the RUB, he developed a love for organic chemistry and the people working there. Currently, he is writing his Bachelor’s thesis in the Wiesenfeldt group. Outside of the lab, Phil enjoys playing the guitar and tasting a good scotch whisky or a cuban cigar.

Email: Phil.Preuss[at]

Administrative Staff

Thuyu was born and raised in Hagen in Germany, where she went to school and got her A-levels. After that she started a training as a clerk for Office Management at the Ruhr-University Bochum. Having completed her training, she started her career at the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV, where she is also working as secretary for Mario. Outside from that, she is a Business Psychology Student at FOM Essen. In her spare time, Thuyu enjoys meeting friends, traveling, tasting good food, and listening to music or watching her favorite artists at concerts.

Email: Hoang.Le-w5s[at]

Email: Jens.Schulte[at]